Ритрит в Индии у моих Учителей, в Ришикеше

MAHA SADHANA  is an ideal method for spiritual practitioners and also for those who are seeking a life of peace, patience, balance and confidence. The Sadhana has a great and direct effect on the mind. 

However restless the mind is, however great the world of its illusion and fear is, however strong the Samskaras and desires are; the practice develops inner space, strengthens the person and makes one able to stop the mind. One starts observing the mind instead of running after it. One starts being in present with oneself instead of wondering in imaginations. One finds one’s own home instead of resorting to other objects. Definitely by this Sadhana, the Sadhaka (practitioner) will become the master of his mind and master of himself. It is true that the Sadhana will make the life meaningful and will reveal the purpose and reality of oneself.

Upcoming Maha Sadhana Retreat

>> Date: 1 November – 14 Novemer (14 days)

>> Fees: US$ 800

>> Fees include: Lodging- A choice of a Non-A/C single room or Non-A/C double shared room in the Ashram, (Extra payment for A/C Room), 3 times ashram meals, group excursion

>> Place: Yoga Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India (Photo Gallery of the ashram)


Those who are coming individually, email us to gurukripadivine@gmail.com

Those who are coming from Russian Spoken countries, you can contact our organizers nearest to you.


The Method

Maha Sadhana retreat is mainly a Sadhana (Meditation) retreat. The core method of this Sadhana is Mantra Japa given by the teacher. The teacher who also has received the Mantra from his Guru and knows the power and reality of Mantra by practice. Now he is eligible to give the Mantra to Sadhakas, who has the interest and faith. The teacher explains the method in detail; how to practice, how to response to the experiences and how to avoid the mind etc. during the retreat.

  • Satsanaga: Satsanga is an intrinsic part of this Sadhana. As long as confusions, doubts, questions are in the mind, it is almost impossible to tranquilize the mind. By very forceful and strenuous practice of concentration, mind will become blank and not tranquil; and it may result in frustration or loneliness. Listening to the teacher, asking the questions will remove the confusions and bring the clarity. Acharya (The Master; Teacher) in Satsanga answers the questions and talks on important topics.
  • Mauna (silence): Mauna is a great discipline we follow 7 days in this retreat with intensive practice. Mauna protects energy and makes the mind peaceful. Mauna is “not talking”. This not talking to anyone should not be substituted to thinking or mental chattering. The purpose of Mauna is to engage entire physical, verbal and mental energy in Sadhana. Mauna is not only not speaking or keeping quiet but it is to enter into silence spontaneously and deepen in Sadhana. It is to experience the reality which transcends the words.
  • Supportive Practices: Asana, Pranayama and Mantra chanting are supportive practices in the retreat to keep the body, Prana and mind light, active, fresh and energetic with divine energy.

Prerequisite (General Rules)

One should have the interest and motivation for Maha Sadhana. Practice of Yoga requires self-discipline. The disciplines of yoga include sincerity in class attendance, harmony between practitioners, teachers and Ashram mates, and a conducive yogic life style.

In the Ashram, meat, egg, fish, smoking, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are strictly not allowed since they are the obstacles in study, practice and progress in yogic/spiritual practice.

This is necessary to clarify that the teaching style and the tradition in yoga study may differ from that of non-Indian countries. There may be basic difference in approach and understanding about Yoga.

Refund Policy

Submission of application and course fee payment has to be made 2-weeks in advance of the course start date.
In case of cancellation before the commencement of the course, the original payment less an administration fee will be refunded.
For a no show, no refund will be issued.
Once the course starts, if you decide to leave within 3 days, 50% of the original payment will be refunded. After 3 days no refund will be issued.
In case of an emergency, refund policy will be applied differently at a time.